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Marcus McGee Basketball is an organization that serves as a medium for student athletes to hone their talents and maximize national exposure with youth sports teams, and sporting events. Our primary goals are to highlight the skills, talents, and successes of our players while creating a channel that provides them opportunities to secure scholarships and attend accredited colleges/universities.

Our staff creates a platform for success both on and off the court by instilling and emphasizing the importance of discipline, dedication and determination in the game and in the classroom. We expect players to excel first in academics, as well as athletics, while also being a respected leader amongst their peers. We are a family committed to the enrichment and development of our players as well as their families.

We are dedicated to enhancing and improving the lives of our players. Thus, we believe in additional to basketball; positive mentoring, educational advancement, and spiritual/personal growth & development are the key building blocks to laying the foundation of excellence and success in our young men in every facet of their life.

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